Time to celebrate

and help change the world!

If there is one thing I've got out of the last few years of working as a portrait artist, it's that just by being human, we are pretty damn incredible, and that's despite what we keep telling ourselves.  The only way to live is to shake off all the insecurities and rubbish that we use as excuses to not just get on with being fabulous.
There is definitely a global movement at the moment towards body acceptance and empowering women.  I'd like to play a little part in it by offering the chance to see yourself in a whole new light and raise money for your favourite charity at the same time.  

For each brave person that allows me to post their photo on my website, I'll run a fundraising campaign.  People can donate to any recognised charity of their choosing, and once $100 worth of receipts have been emailed to me, I will release their photo on my website.

There are MANY great charities out there that help women in particular, but I think it's more important to support what we feel passionate about.





An Untimed Shoot

(on-location or in the studio)


Four Artistic Edits
(full size digital format)

$20 print voucher

I'll make sure they are tasteful - that's the idea. These aren't a standard snap.

I'll work with each person to make sure we highlight your best assets, and I'll edit in a way that hides anything we don't want to see.  I'll use posing and fabric, light and shadows, and maybe some pretty heavy editing and texture overlays.  These won't be all natural - don't worry - I'll use the smoothing brush and the tool that pushes and lifts - but just to subtley hide and enhance.  I won't make you 20kg skinnier, but I'll make a beautiful artistic image that you'll proudly display.

Oh and if it helps the nerves, feel free to bring some bubbly and friends along for support!  It's pretty laid back here.

Just how nude?
Completely up to you.  We can always do implied nudes, using robes or fabrics.  Or you can choose to wear heels, wraps, undies - anything that will make you feel comfortable and give you the image you want.


Hair and Make-Up?

Highly recommended, but, no, not essential. Hair and Make-up artists are magicians really.  They can sculpture and enhance or create an entirely different look which could make for an amazing image.  Vintage? Pin-Up? Goth? Vixen? Burlesque? Fashion? Anything is possible really.
If you want something a little natural, we can skip the hair and make-up and I'll make sure you still look gorgeous in edit, by removing darkness under eyes, blemishes and smoothing your skin in photoshop.  

Great hair and make-up takes about 2hrs and costs $160 for standard glam and $180 for vintage glam.


It has actually been really hard to find good inspiration for these shoots.  "Real Women" nudes are usually on a white backdrop with black undies and arms thrown in the air.   I say we create our own and show the world how it's done.

Charities I recommend;

You can click on the links below to check out the charity and donate directly via their website.  



UNWomenUN Women is the United Nations entity responsible for promoting women’s empowerment and gender equality.

CARE - Stop child marriage. Send a girl to school.

White Ribbon Australia's campaign to stop violence against women.

Cancer Council - The only organisation that works across every area of every cancer.

Beyond Blue - Beyond Blue is dedicated to reducing the impact of anxiety and depression on individuals, families and carers, and society as a whole.

Lighthouse Foundation supports homeless young people to take their rightful place in the community by giving them a home, a family and therapeutic care that is proven to work.
Destiny Rescue help rescue the sexually exploited and enslaved, restore the abused, protect the vulnerable, empower the poor and are a voice for those that can’t speak up for themselves.


Artistic Nude Portraits

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