Welcome to the World Willow

L'escargot Ivre Birth Photography


I had no idea.  I was invited along to shoot Baby Willow's arrival into the world, and I really had no idea how powerful an experience it is be present at a birth.  I was left in awe and giddy with happiness for weeks after.

Willow's birth was pretty much perfection.  At home, in the middle of the night, in front of the fire, rain on the tin roof, with loved ones near. Her big brother was there to cut the cord.  Her dad and aunty provided endless love and support.  The love, happiness and warm fuzzies that come from such a little bundle is really intoxicating.  

So now, I can't wait to be called on to shoot another little being's entrance to this wonderful world.   If you would like to have your bub's arrival captured, get in touch.  

Little warning on the video - it covers woh-to-go so there is some nudity involved.  I tried to be as inobtrusive as possible, so no flash and low lighting means some less than perfect quality, but I wasn't going to let my perfectionism get in the way of capturing a great moment.