Karin Neate
South Coast NSW
M 0407 816 198

About this little drunk snail...

L'escargot Ivre (French for The Drunk Snail) is the photography and artistic alter-ego of Karin Neate. 


Karin used to identify as an arty sort of kid until adulthood somehow turned her into an Italian teacher... probably cause she had to justify living in Italy for 2 years ;) She returned to her first loves by studying Graphic Design and Photography at CSU and teaching Visual Arts, Photography and Digital Media in a special ed faculty within a high school. A few years in and her arty-farty persona, L'escargot Ivre, became busy. In July of 2012 she decided to devote some time and money into "Living the Dream" by moving back to her home town and setting up a studio.


She couldn't be happier with the decision.



...so who is

Miss Snotface Lahdedah??

Karin loves photography, but especially portraiture. She started out thinking she would mostly run vintage inspired burlesque and pin-up shoots, but found she is just as happy shooting the diversity of amazing people she meets. On occasion she puts her years of experience as a teacher, and a nanny, to good, in her children's tea-party shoots.  Her Crazy-Arty-Farty Lady alter-ego, Snotface Lahdedah, tends to make herself known at these events!  Miss Snotface Lahdedah also runs lessons for kids out of the wonderland that is her studio. She loves mixing up technology and photography with more traditional mediums to get creative.


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Karin helps people with their projects, be them personal or business.  She is a qualified teacher, photographer and graphic designer with oodles of patience and an ability to read minds... well, at least when it comes to figuring out what you want to achieve.

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