I'm pretty kid-friendly.  I've worked in all forms of childcare and been a teacher for 10 years.  Some of them call me Aunty Snotface or Miss Lahdedah, or my favourite... the Crazy Lady.  Whatever they call me, apparently I'm unforgettable... and that's even if I don't wear my pink afro during the shoot!  

 ​An average family/kid's shoot lasts about 1 hour, but there's no need to rush or be watching the clock.  We take it pretty easy try to make it a bit fun and sometimes even magical.  

The number of photos you end up with depends on the level of editing required.  All of the edited images are provided to you on a disk, full size, ready for print and screen purposes.

There are a million gorgeous locations around these parts, including my favourite tree at Mick Ryan Park.  Shooting in your own home has a lovely feel as well, and no, you don't have to worry about it being spotless first.

Get in touch and we'll plan something that suits you.

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