I have quite a few kids believing that I'm a real life witch.. who does most of her magic in photoshop. ;)


I've been working with photoshop for over twenty years now. There's very little that I can't do.

Arty-farty stuff is my jam but I have some pretty awesome retouching skills as well.  Yes, I probably can turn you into a size 8 17yo ;) I can also make your skin perfect, or reshape any thing.  I can do contouring as well with shadows and light.  I can do just about anything really and I'm well cheaper than cosmetic surgery! ;)

Check out my latest bit of photoshop fun - animated images!!  AKA GIFS.  Here I come Hogwarts!!!

This photo was taken by Kristy Reekie at the Inaugural Winter Witches Picnic Shoot, and edited by me.  More to come soon from this shoot.  In the mean time you can check the images out on my facebook page.

My "Magic Edits" involve a whole heap of tricks in photoshop and lightroom too.  The image of Brittany above started with a tweak in Lightroom before getting a stack of layers in photoshop, then back in Lightroom for more tweaks before going back to photoshop to be turned into a sparkly GIF.  It took most of the day to get just the way I wanted it.

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