Facebook and Instagram are probably the best ways of directing impulse buyers to your website.  You could be making sales straight away.   I can help you to get your head around it with an hour of face to face instruction and ongoing support and development.  We can start by setting you up and instructing you, especially on how to advertise.  With that I will promote you via my fb page and personal profile as well.  You'd have your product reaching 2000 people easily from that hour.

I can also instruct you on how to take and post your own marketing images using your phone - saves you paying for professional shots and gets your new products straight out there and earning you money.  There are also many apps that I can show you which can make simple graphic designs ready to post within no time at all or you can get me to make up a design.  See below.

We don't have to stop at Facebook either.  We can look at what would work best for your business.  Instagram, etsy, pinterest, twitter, redbubble, society6 - there are heaps of options and I can give you the run down on how to make them work for you.

It's all about making life easier, profits higher and expenses lower.



Social media is a lot like flicking through a magazine - lots of images with little bits of information about all the things you're interested in.  Like with magazines, if something grabs your attention you can look into it further... which is fantastic for business!  

Your business' social media pages are effectively your own magazine. 
Use it as a story board about your business.
Your images should have a healthy balance of fun images and business pictures.  People don't buy magazines that only have advertising.  Likewise, if you want them to follow you, you need to include a mix of product shots, behind the scenes, adverts, and other interesting or fun images relevant to your business.
If you want them to support you, you need to put a human face on your business.  People love helping people... especially if it only takes a like, comment or share.


I can help you come up with a plan to generate engaging content for your social media platforms.  I can even show you how to set up your posts so you schedule them to post at times when they are most likely to be seen.  


Want some help with your social media ads? Check out some of my designs below that can be altered to advertise your business. New designs available as well.



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