ALL families deserve a great portrait of their loved ones.

I've worked with special needs kids since I was a kid myself.  Growing up, my mother was a family day care mother for kids with special needs.  I've worked in all forms of childcare, taught at all levels, and even became a qualified special education teacher, teaching art and photography in a high school support faculty for three and a half years, before my passion for photography overtook.  


One thing that I've noticed is that you rarely ever see kids with special needs in professional photography.  I think it comes down to there not being enough photographers who have the patience and the understanding that might be required.  When I first started teaching photography to adolescents with special needs, every single student was opposed to having their photo taken.  With patience, I was able to gain their trust and build up a genuine enthusiam for photography.  We created annual faculty yearbooks, with each student and staff member posing for creative portraits as well as allowing candid shots all throughout the year.  I am really proud of that acheivement.  I'd love to post examples, but gaining permission to post those photos online would be a lengthy process.  

I'm extremely flexible and patient.   Years of practice maybe, but also an understanding that life is just better when you can go with the flow and not add to the pressure.  I'm happy to work with you to make sure the shoot will be a stress-free, enjoyable process.  

If you have a family member with special needs, and they need not be a child, please get in touch.  Standard prices apply, but flexibility and patience come standard, even if that means extra time and visits.