I can show you how to create and maintain your own website. Or make one for you. Whatever you need, I'm here to help. 

You can have as much of a hand in your website as you like.  I'll guide you into getting it up and running and show you all of the features. 
I'll make sure the back end things are taken care of so that your website gets seen in google.
And I'll set you up so you can make changes yourself, or just maintain certain aspects via your phone.

Whatever you need, I'm here to help.

PS - I actually have university degrees and a post-graduate diploma in education that specifically says I'm a qualified IT teacher.  Who knew! I actually forgot about that bit myself.


So excited to see this beautiful artist's website developing into such a fantastic platform for her work. We've added a cool new forum feature where Jan can interact with her students and fellow creatives.  It's a great spot for a bit of show and tell, getting feedback and generally brewing inspiration. Loving my Girl Friday role of helping people realise their goals. 


Di Crisp's website is well established now and going great guns.  I helped Di and her daughter Ash get started on this one and have been their Girl Friday on call for whenever they need help on the next step.  
Ash and I have been working together to build up her skills in this area as well, with the aim of her becoming a Girl Friday herself!


Susan and Gary's new website is kicking along very nicely as well.  It features a shop section that will soon be full of Susan's luscious textile creations and Gary's antique treasures.


Being "Girl Friday" is working out great so far! I'm getting to help people identify their business goals and reach them with a helping hand. Everyone needs something different, so it's fantastic to be able to look at someone's unique business and project manage what will work for them.